Scouting of technologies and competencies

It is most often used to solve the following tasks

  • improving the efficiency of current production and the competitiveness of existing products through the use of new raw materials and the best available technologies
  • obtaining new revenue by expanding the product portfolio


  • Technological landscaping
  • Spot search for technologies and competencies

Technological landscaping

  • The purpose of using the tool is to expand the customer's understanding of strategic technological directions, as well as the opportunities that they provide

Approximate composition of works:

  • Search for projects and groundwork in Russian industry databases
  • Search for foreign projects and achievements based on open sources of information (using open databases of technoparks, business incubators, etc.)
  • Patent search
  • Creating profiles of found projects
  • Mapping the technological landscape

Spot search for technologies

The purpose of using the tool is to proactively identify innovative companies and teams that potentially have ready-made solutions, scientific and technical reserves and competencies that meet the technological request of the customer

Approximate composition of works:

  • Conducting a search for projects (technologies), including by industry databases of projects in specified technological areas
  • Creating a loglist with basic information about projects (technologies)
  • Joint selection of the most relevant technologies with the customer (making a shortlist)
  • Collecting additional information on projects from the shortlist in accordance with the customer's requirements
  • Initial interaction with the teams of project performers selected by the customer, for readiness to cooperate with the customer
  • (optional) Assistance in attracting additional funding from state sources

Problems with found projects

  • The need for primary expertise and updating of the status/stage of development
  • Difficulty in establishing contact
  • The need to attract additional funding (to increase the development stage or develop a new direction of the project)

The ABIT team has extensive experience:

  • Conducting technological and commercial expertise
  • Interactions with development teams
  • Attracting additional funding to projects

ABIT tools and data sources

  • Database of projects that have received state funding
  • The database of companies corresponding to the directions of NTI
  • Network of Technology Brokers (ABIT)
  • Expert databases (including partner databases)
  • Project search and evaluation tools (patent search, technological and commercial expertise, TPRL methodology)
Project expertise
The composition and purpose of the examination is determined for a specific project and the goals of the customer. It is divided into:
  • Express assessment
  • Extended examination

Express assessment
The purpose of the use is an operational assessment of the feasibility of further work with the project/technology.
  • It can be used for:
  • primary evaluation of projects at the first stages of the accelerator
  • , making a decision on the feasibility of an extended expert
  • assessment of the balance of project development (according to the TPRL method)

Extended expertise
  • The purpose of using the tool is to assess the investment attractiveness of the project results, taking into account the level of technological competitiveness of the potential result of the project at the Russian and international level, the potential market for a promising product, the financial parameters of the project, the quality of intellectual property protection, etc.

The composition of the examination is discussed individually and may include the following works:
  • Assessment of the technological level in comparison with analogues on the Russian and world markets
  • Assessment of compliance with modern technological trends
  • Analysis of the quality of legal protection of RID (in Russia/abroad) and the correctness of the choice of the method of protection
  • Analysis of the proposed business model
  • Assessment of the timing of the start of commercialization (including the assessment of the need for additional R & D)
  • Assessment of the potential costs of commercialization of the project
  • Evaluation of sales markets for products obtained as a result of the project
  • Analysis of the profile of potential buyers of products
  • Analysis of the possibilities of localization of product production at Russian and foreign production sites
  • Analysis of constraining factors (barriers, risks)
  • Financial analysis
Project packaging
The packaging of the project is:
  • Development and design of a presentation for an investor/buyer
  • Creating a teaser (a short business-oriented description, usually in the format of 1 PDF page)
  • Execution of the financial plan of the project
  • Preparing the team for the pitch session
  • Depending on the purpose of the packaging, the composition of the work and the set of final materials may vary
Attracting financing and finding partners
  • Assistance in attracting financing and co-financing in innovative projects – grants, private and venture investments
  • Search for investors / partners / potential customers
  • Attracting external entrepreneurial competencies based on the Commercialization Reactor model (
Creating a spin-off and technology transfer in the EU
Assistance in creating spin-offs and technology transfer to the EU based on the Commercialization Reactor model (
Training and acceleration
Training and acceleration programs on commercialization and technology transfer
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